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Brazil's Federal Government Has Again Adjusted Its Entry Policy


On September 12, the Brazilian government issued Notice No. 678, updating the special temporary restrictions and requirements on entry into Brazil during the epidemic period. The relevant measures will be implemented from the date of the announcement. The main contents include:


1. The announcement relates to entry restrictions not applicable to :(1) children under the age of 12; (2) cargo transport workers; (3) aircraft crew members; (4) the movement of cross-border urban residents; (v) Persons identified by Brazilian law as migrants affected by humanitarian crises and at high risk of infection; (6) persons who are unwell as confirmed by the local health authorities.


2. All passengers entering Brazil by air, land or sea shall present one of the following two certificates to the competent authorities of air, land or sea respectively before entering Brazil:


(I) Paper or electronic proof of vaccination: it should include the name of the person vaccinated, the name of the vaccine, the number of doses, the date and other information, and the vaccination should be approved by the National Health Surveillance Agency of Brazil, WHO or the government department of the vaccinated country. The vaccination should be completed at least 14 days before boarding the plane.

(2) Nucleic acid or antigen test certificate: it should be carried out by the testing institution approved by the government department of the host country one day before boarding, and the result should be "negative" or "not detected".


3. All certificates issued by the foreign institutions involved in the announcement shall be in Portuguese, Spanish or English.


4. Those who violate the relevant measures in this announcement will bear civil, administrative or criminal responsibilities and will be deported or repatriated immediately.


The link to the original announcement is below: